Boom trucks are an important piece of the crane industry in the United States. The demand for boom trucks has been on a constant rise. Because of this, innovation in the industry has soared.  

A lot of crane clients prefer boom trucks since they’re highly mobile and reliable.  

There are benefits to both renting or purchasing a boom truck. This depends on your company and general project needs.  

Professionals recommend you purchase a boom truck if you regularly need this certain type of crane. On the other hand, there are also tons of benefits of renting a boom truck. This includes: 

They’re Extremely Mobile 

Compared to cranes that require special transport considerations to your site, you can drive a boom truck like a normal truck. This means that you can freely move it on public roads. This allows you to start your project without the wait.  

Furthermore, boom trucks can also travel at highway speeds. This means that you can move them to various sites quickly.  

If you want to rent a boom truck, the rental company can send you the boom truck to the site as soon as possible.  

They’re Flexible 

Renting a boom truck provides you the ability to always choose one that is most efficient and appropriate for the needs of your project.  

When you buy a boom truck, you might have to overbuy for most of your projects to handle heavier lifts.  

For instance, if you have to move heavier than normal items, you can rent a boom truck to handle the job. Renting also guarantees that you can select the most current and updated models available in the market.  

Take Several Projects at Once 

Oftentimes, you might need to handle several jobs at one time. A lot of businesses do not have the infrastructure to do several projects at once.  

That is why you can rent a boom truck to supplement the needs of your business rather than having to wait to finish a project before you can start the next.  

Also, you can choose to purchase additional boom trucks to fill the gaps in your project. However, you need to keep in mind that renting a boom truck is more cost-effective when handling several projects at once. This is especially true if you do not have the resources needed to justify the purchase of new trucks. 

Lower Expenses to Your Business 

Unless you’ve got an extensive list of projects scheduled or you are planning to get into the construction industry, you will save tons of money if you simply rent a boom truck. Keep in mind that a boom truck can be a major financial burden. It might take long before you see an ROI. 

Typically, it is less expensive to rent a boom truck than to purchase one. You do not have to worry about your boom truck lying idle when you’re not using it.  

Also, if you rent a boom truck, you won’t have to pay for its maintenance and storage. Renting offers you peace of mind. This is particularly true if your company is going through financial problems.